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What's the Healthiest Nut to Eat?

I recently got this question from a follower on social media: “I’m putting pecans in my oatmeal because I love them, but feeling like I should use walnuts. Is there a healthier or better nut to use?” To be honest, I wasn’t sure what the “best” nut was – or if there were one markedly better than others. So being a nutrition nerd, I decided to run a nutrient report of different nuts to compare them side-by-side! 

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The Dubrow Diet

While associated with several health benefits, fasting to achieve anti-aging effects in appearance (or on the outside?) is a new one to me! But a new diet is suggesting just that! Check out my latest diet review for Cooking Light – as well as how I inadvertently admitted to a top editor that I was a closet fan of Bravo’s Real Housewives

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Halloween Detox

One of the biggest misconceptions about dietitians is that we always make the best food choices. Sure, we may have the knowledge to make good or better choices every time, BUT that doesn’t mean that we always do. Check out this post where I share what I do to get myself back on track after overindulgence!

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