You need fresh content that’s relevant to today’s audience.  You also need a credible source to break-down science-heavy topics into quick, consumer-friendly content. Content that your audience will connect with and share, whether it’s on social media or in a book. 

As we know, ingredients have evolved, and sometimes we need a little refresh. The term “healthy” also has taken different directions over the years. Carolyn successfully incorporates fresh ideas into old staples, and stays up to date with the latest research. She’s refreshed the classic Taco Tuesday, developed a modern view of the dairy aisle, and she also broke down the current trend of intermittent fasting for recent clients. These are just a sampling of complicated concepts in need of simplification. Carolyn can help the consumer find what’s right for them.

When you work with Carolyn, you can be confident you’ll get:

  • New content that’s current and relevant to your audience, or  
  • A refresh/repackaging of your existing content to be more current or appeal to a new audience