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“Would I really make this at 5:30pm?”

That’s my ultimate qualifier when creating a new recipe. While not the most scientific, it actually sets a pretty high bar since cooking dinner with two kids in the house really means multi-tasking while keeping my sanity – and maybe even a glass of wine! Only recipes that get a “yes” move on to the kitchen to be perfected in taste and nutrition.

“Would I really make this at 5:30pm?”

Close friends also say this question perfectly describes my approach to food and health. We want delicious, healthy meal ideas and up-to-date health information, but often don’t have the time to scroll through a find a 10-minute meal or investigate the latest research on that new diet.  So what do you do?

Enter REAL FOOD. REAL LIFE. where the goal is to share quick and healthy meal ideas, shortcuts and tips to save time, and the latest insight into food and health topics – but in terms of what it means to you and your family.

Here’s a quick peek at some of the things planned for 2018:

  • Coconut or Olive Oil? 
  • What’s the Deal with Bone Broth? 
  • 5-Minute Bowl Meals
  • Weight Watchers or Intermittent Fasting? 
  • What Does “Clean” Eating Really Mean?
  • Pantry Detox
  • The Good, The Bad and The Bottom Line about Fad Diets

Now, I need your help! What food and nutrition topics do you want to know about? Let me know!

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