Halloween Detox


One of the biggest misconceptions about dietitians is that we always make the best food choices. Sure, we may have the knowledge to make good or better choices every time, BUT that doesn’t mean that we always do. 

Kids, work, stress, travel – life, in general – are still factors that impact dietitians too and sometimes mess up our best meal plans. In fact, sometimes I think it’s almost worse being an RD when you do make those less healthy choices since you DO know what you should be doing! Holidays like Halloween are no exception. In fact, I can guarantee you every dietitian that I know ate Halloween candy – many even overdid it. 

So when Cooking Light asked me to write an article on how to bounce back from going overboard with Halloween candy, I polled a few work friends to see what kind of info would be most helpful.

The overwhelming answer?   

“I want to know what you do the next day.”

Not what I tell clients to do or what textbooks recommended, but what I actually do when it comes to eating, exercise, and bouncing back from overindulgences.  So while there’s no perfect answer or solution for bouncing back from a holiday, I’m sharing what helps me to start feeling better – and perhaps even more importantly, what gets me back on track mentally with my healthy habits. 

Check out the full article here at Cooking Light: 8 Nutritionist-Approved Ways to Detox After Eating Too Much Sugar on Halloween.

What do you do to get back on track?

Halloween Holiday Detox