The HMR Diet - Have You Heard of It?

I’m usually pretty on top of food and nutrition trends whether they be healthy and not so healthy, but the HMR Diet is a weight loss program that I had never heard of until I started looking into it for Cooking Light

Needless to say, I was surprised to discover that the HMR Diet was ranked #1 for “Best Fast Weight Loss Diet” in US News and World Report’s annual review - a tie with Weight Watchers! I was even MORE so when my review of it turned out to be a top post for Cooking Light in 2018.  

So, have you heard of it? 

Check out the good, the bad, and my verdict on the HMR program over at Cooking Light: The HMR Diet is Designed for Quick Weight Loss. But How Well Does It Work?  

Have you tried the HMR Diet?

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