Favorite Family Friendly Easter Treat


I'm quite sure my favorite type of egg would be the chocolate egg.  Any of you feel the same way?  Today I am sharing my family's favorite Easter treat - Robin's Egg Nest Treat by Rice Krispies.  This is a recipe I steered clear of when I first saw it, because, let's be real -- it looked a little intimidating.  I'm not much of a baker (we've already established that), but I also don't really love spending too much time on treats kids will eventually destroy anyway! Well, this recipe just seemed like a sticky disaster waiting to happen in my kitchen - and I was going to avoid it at all costs.  After much persuasion, my daughter convinced me to give them a try and I'm so glad I did!


These Robin's Egg Nest Treats are seriously so much fun to make with kids and are the perfect treat for class parties.  I personally love them because they look like I put a lot of time and effort into them, but in reality, I knocked them out in 20 minutes!  My secret?  Throw the muffin pan full of Rice Krispie treats into the freezer to speed up cooling time!  It also makes them so much easier to remove from the pan!  Not to mention, the kids usually put the finishing touches on them while I sneak a few eggs for "taste testing" purposes.  

You can choose your toppings, whether you prefer jelly beans or chocolate eggs (my favorite!). I hope your family enjoys making them as much as mine does!    

Find the recipe here - Robin's Egg Nest Treat.