Introducing : "Ask Carolyn!"

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As many of you know, I am fairly new to the social media realm!  I’ll be honest, when I first started, I was really skeptical.  I must say now, though, that I have loved being able to connect with so many of you and I love hearing that content I am creating is something that interests you!  Food is my passion and I love sharing it with you! 

Over the past six months, I have received a lot of questions about many things – from health fads to weight loss, back to health fads and cooking tricks and then on to parenting and healthy family meals.  I have loved responding to all of your questions and learning so much from you in the process.  

As I was talking to a friend recently, I realized that many of you would probably be interested in a lot of the questions people have been asking. Because of this, I have decided to try something new and a little bit out of my comfort zone to be honest!  

Introducing : Ask Carolyn! 

Starting off, each month I will ask for questions from you.  This will be somewhat ongoing, meaning that you can really send me questions any time - not just when I ask for them! Your questions can be about ANYthing you have heard about or been curious about in the nutrition world.  I am not picky in how you send your questions : you can comment on a social media post, blog post or send me an email or private message.  Once you've sent me your questions, I will gather them up and try to address all of them in a Q&A type setting.  This may happen in a social media “live,” social media “stories,” or in a blog post—it really just depends on the question! 

We’ll figure out the logistics as we go.  All I know is now is that I want to hear from YOU! 

So, here we go!  Send me your questions, comments, confusions allllll pertaining to food and nutrition!  I look forward to hearing from you!  Feel free to also share what you would like to hear about in future blog posts!

And most importantly, THANK YOU for supporting me!