Why Kids Need to Pack Their Own Lunch - And How to Teach Them


School in our area starts back this week, so I’ve been giving myself a little pep talk. Sure it’s my kids that will be taking the tests and doing the homework, but I learned several years ago that I’ve also got to be on my parenting A-game overseeing those behind-the scene details in order for a school year to go smoothly.  

You know what I'm talking about:

  1. Signing field trip permission forms

  2. Packing a daily snack and water bottle

  3. Ensuring homework is done before any screen time

  4. Getting told the night before your precious child needs poster board the next day

  5. Coordinating sports activities and extracurricular schedules for different kids

  6. Carpooling to those various activities

  7. Making sure gym clothes get washed and backpacks cleaned out

  8. Ensuring that your child has lunch packed or lunch money

The list could go on and on and on. Can anyone else relate?

What If Your Kids Packed Their Own Lunch?


So here’s an idea: what if you took one of those responsibilities - like packing lunches - and re-assigned them to your kids? No, you’re not totally off the hook because you’ve still got to have foods to pack available in the house - and, yes, it depends on their age and abilities. I'm not suggesting that your kindergartner pack his or her own lunch.

But hear me out, training my kids to take on this responsibility has had a really positive impact on the entire family. Check out my recent article for Cooking Light: Your Kids Should Be Packing Their Own Lunch - Here's How to Teach Them to find out more! 

Who packs lunch in your house - YOU or your KIDS?

What do you find works best?