The Obesity Code: Is It the Solution to the Obesity Crisis?

Here are some things that I pretty much never do:

  1. Read a whole book in two days (unless sitting on a beach and even then it’s iffy);

  2. Highlight thought-provoking ideas in a book (unless research or a textbook);

  3. Find ideas worth highlighting in a top-selling diet book. 

It might seem ironic as a dietitian, but I don’t get excited about diet books. In fact, I am usually completely skeptical until proven otherwise. BUT, but my recent read was different, y’all. 

Anyone read The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung? If you’re the least bit interested in nutrition or health, check out my review of the book for Cooking Light here: What is the Obesity Code - And Can It Help You Lose Weight?  

When it comes to cracking the root of weight gain and the U.S. obesity crisis, there hasn’t been a solution that I’d put much money on – until I read THIS book.  

Have you read The Obesity Code?

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