How Healthy Is That Classic Turkey Sandwich?


While it isn’t what I plan on eating – or even end up eating - for lunch most days, a turkey sandwich is always there for me. It is the perfect last-minute, pressed-for-time backup option. I can’t even say I’m too disappointed when I do fall back on it for a quick meal. The classic sandwich is a satisfying comfort food to me – especially when made with hearty bread and a little mayo or avocado spread.  

Remember my article in a few months ago on grilling and how to minimize potential health risks? I admitted that it was something I put off researching because I just wasn’t sure I was ready to know the answers. Well, looking into deli meats like turkey and ham had me feeling the exact same way! 

Sure, I know it’s good to minimize processed meats like bacon, sausage and hot dogs, but are deli meats really something to minimize? Should I really be concerned about potential health risks? And maybe most importantly, are there ways to minimize health risks and still enjoy my classic turkey sandwich? 

Find out all you need to know on deli meats in my recent feature with Cooking Light: Why Your Turkey Sandwich Isn't As Healthy As You Think. I'll touch base on all the details from processing to consumption. 

What are your thoughts on processed meats?

Do you consume them regularly?