Can Eating for Your Body Type Help You to Lose Weight?

Can Eating For Your Body Type Help You To Lose Weight? //

Apple, pear, pencil, ice cream cone and rectangle are all terms used to classify body shapes, but do they really mean anything? Do they actually dictate what type of diet and activity is BEST when it comes to health and weight loss?    

Don’t tell my colleagues, but I’ve always felt there might be something to this. Here’s why: I’m a perfect pear, tiny-waist and upper body, but very bootylicious. And, IMO, it’s a shape that’s makes me more sensitive to carbs (as in smell them and gain weight!) and a shape that requires getting my heart-rate up most days. But can I really blame these on being pear-shaped?

Check out my latest Cooking Light article where I decided to see if there was actually any SCIENCE to back up my gut feeling when it comes to eating for your BODY TYPE and weight management: CAN EATING FOR YOUR BODY TYPE HELP YOU TO LOSE WEIGHT?

Can Eating For Your Body Type Help You To Lose Weight? //

What do you think? Ever thought of this?

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