Full-Fat Foods You Should Eat When Dieting


Hungry all the time, yet bored with your food choices? Lost a few pounds but now the scale won’t budge? You may need to eat more fat. The key is choosing healthy options and using smart portioning since fat calories will add up quickly. 

Coming off two decades of being brainwashed that “fat-free” and “low-fat” were the only way to eat for optimal health and weight loss, this may seem a bit confusing. But, adding this necessary nutrient (in moderation, of course) may actually help weight loss efforts by reducing hunger and cravings and increasing satiety. 

Click here to see my feature in Cooking Light where I show you how consuming nine full-fat foods can actually be good for you if added to your diet -- just don't overdo it!  Did you know that even bacon made the list?  Tell me what you think of the list by commenting below!

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