Halloween Allergy Candy Guides

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Did you know that a full-size candy bar may have different ingredients compared to its snack-size version? AND, did you know that flavors of the same candy may have very different ingredients?

I didn’t until I started planning Halloween treats for my 2nd grader and needed to look out for a few food allergies in the class. I quickly realized how holidays like Halloween take kids’ food allergies to a whole new and not-so-straight-forward level.  And since food allergens in specific candies isn’t an area that I’ve dug into much before, I was elated to find two great resources on the Kids with Food Allergies website: 

 Check them out if you’ve got a child with food allergies OR if you helping to plan a class party! 

Do you have a child with food allergies?

What tools have you found helpful in avoiding foods with allergens?