Pumpkin Nutrition

Pumpkin Nutrition Carolyn Williams, PhD, RD

The pumpkin-spice trend isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, on my last grocery trip, I passed at least a dozen pumpkin-flavored cereals, as well as pumpkin-flavored yogurts, almond milks, coffee creamers, nut butters. The pumpkin obsession doesn’t just end with food products, though. You can even find pumpkin scented cleaning supplies!

While there’s a lot of seasonal products that contain no pumpkin at all — just flavorings and sugar — the craze has brought some light to pumpkin as a food and ingredient. This is a good thing since this often forgotten-about fruit is packed full of nutrients like fiber, Vitamin A, and potassium (1 cup has more than a medium banana!), as well as disease-fighting carotenoids.  

I know I can’t be the only one out there that’s been underestimating the nutritional value of adding pumpkin to one’s diet. Check out my most recent article for Cooking Light where I share little trivia, nutrition, and tips for how to incorporate real pumpkin into your diet!

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What are your favorite ways of incorporating pumpkin into your diet?

Is Pumpkin Healthy? Carolyn Williams, PhD, RD