The Dubrow Diet

Citrus Picture - The Dubrow Diet

Anyone else a closet Real Housewives fan?  I inadvertently admitted this secret to a top editor (proud professional moment!). She asked about a new diet book that a former RHOC star and her husband just released, and while I knew nothing about the book, I quickly filled her in on the authors before I could think better.

The Result?

An assignment to review The Dubrow Diet for Cooking Light! Check out the article here: What is the Dubrow Diet? And Can It Actually Help Me Lose Weight? Find out why the Dubrows suggest fasting can have anti-aging effects similar to plastic surgery and if there’s any legitimacy or substance to it. 


Before judging too much, I do try to keep it classy by only watching certain RH series (NYC is my preference), and I only watch when I can’t go back to sleep and the kids aren’t around. 

What do you think of this new diet?

What is the Dubrow Diet?