Thank You


To say I was nervous to put myself out on social media and blogging 10 months ago would be understatement. I mean, why would anyone even care what a 40-ish single mom in Alabama was writing about and cooking – much less my parenting highs and lows and my reality checks that my type A-personality doesn’t have it all figured out??  But for some reason it did, and I am so thankful!

What I have learned over the past few months is that being REAL, not pretending like things are perfect or easy, resonates with a lot of you. AND there’s a lot of comradery, support, and motivation when you just admit and embrace this. Life isn’t about perfection, but rather just doing your best in whatever place you’re in – something we all “know” but is a lot harder to actually practice on a daily basis – and why I started this online journey.  

We all do a lot better when we aren’t trying for those Pinterest-perfect images of foods, kids, parenting, health, and life. So THANK YOU for following along with me through this crazy journey of life!  

— C

P.S. I’m knee-deep in planning for the holidays and 2019, so what REAL info, tips, recipes, hacks, or shares are YOU wanting to see in the coming months?  OR what REAL post in 2018 resonated the most? Let me know below!

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