Fiber Supplements vs. High-Fiber Diet

Chopping Strawberries - Fiber Supplements vs Diet

My favorite writing assignments are those where I end up learning something new about a subject—especially one I thought I knew all about! I was definitely NOT thinking that writing about fiber supplements would be one of those. Yet, this is a piece I have to say I learned a lot from and will actually USE info I took from it. 

As it turns out, a LOT has changed in the world of fiber in terms of what’s available to consumers (like fiber gummies or tortillas with 13g fiber each, to name a few), along with new classification of fiber types, since I had last studied fiber.  This all meant I was well overdue to dig into how these new products and how they really affect our health. 

So what’s the best way to meet daily fiber needs – food OR supplements and fiber-fortified products? OR does it even matter?  Check out my latest article for Cooking Light: Is Taking Fiber Pills the Same as Eating a High-Fiber Diet? Give it a read and let me know what you think — and if you learned something new too!

Fiber Supplements vs High-Fiber Diets