What Is the Military Diet?

One of my favorite series of assignments for Cooking Light over the past few months has been reviewing popular diets, and I’ve had the chance to review about 15 of the most popular diets so far.  I really love doing these - not because I like to call out faults of popular diets but really quite the opposite. Approaching popular diets from a journalistic perspective forces me to put aside all of my preconceived thoughts and beliefs and look completely at the black and white facts and data available.  This is something that we’re often not forced to do unless put in a reporting position!  

Sure, many times what I find supports my initial gut instinct, and there’s rarely a healthy eating plan that I agree with 100% – whether it’s due to a lack of scientific support or my strong belief that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” eating program. But I almost always walk away from each diet review with a few positive take-ways whether that’s in regard to food intake, nutrients, behavior change or simply understanding what appeals to consumers. 

The Military Diet

With all that being said, my latest diet review on the Military Diet for CL.com was a struggle! In fact, there wasn’t much that I could sugar-coat... other than suggesting that the Military Diet might be the most perfect definition of “fad diet” that I have ever come across. It is so much of a "fad diet" that I am planning on sharing it with the Nutrition 101 college classes that I’m teaching when discussing unhealthy weight loss practices and fad diet trends later this summer.  

So why am I even sharing the review with you?  Well, partly because I think there’s some entertainment value – just look at the “prescription” of food choices that you are strongly advised not to veer from. It’s hard to make something this off-the-wall up! And second, to reiterate that just because something is published in-print or online doesn’t mean it’s legit, has any credible scientific backing, or can’t harm you. You have got to be your own health advocate. 

So, alas, here is my review of the Military Diet.  Check it out, and let me know what you think!

Also, does anyone else remember this diet circulating in college as the Cardiac Diet?  

I do, and I can’t believe I actually attempted to follow it for three days! 

Did anyone else??