An EGG-cellent Food Prep Hack


OMG! Y'all. I am about to share with you the most genius way to cook eggs EVER.  I just recently ran across this recipe and the timing is perfect for celebrating National Egg Day!

You already know I like to defend the egg, so finding this GENIUS hack for cooking hard-boiled eggs instantly made me stop what I was doing and try it out.  Now, disclaimer here : I can't take all the credit.  I mean, really, I can't take ANY of the credit.  My friend sent over this recipe from one of her favorite food bloggers :  A Bountiful Kitchen, so feel free to head on over and thank Si for a recipe that will literally change your food prep life! 

Sure, eggs are pretty simple to cook, but standing over a big pot of boiling water isn’t my favorite kitchen task – not to mention that I always seemed to end up with a cracked shell or two.  And if I was attempting to multi-task (usually a given), then my eggs were either a tad under- or over-cooked.  So, I pulled out my Instant Pot and a dozen eggs, and set out to try out Si’s recipe : Instant Pot Hard-Boiled Eggs

My results?

A dozen PERFECTLY cooked hard-boiled eggs are now chilling in my fridge. Seriously.  No cracked shells. No green rings. No boiling water to shoo the kids away from. AND it all happened in less than 5 minutes cook time.  THIS is my kind of modern day cooking, and may become a weekly food prep task because it’s just so easy! 

I love having a nutrient-rich protein source for my kids to grab for a snack - instead of heading to the pantry! I also love how I ended up throwing together a pretty healthy lunch for myself - a hard-boiled egg, baby carrots, curried hummus, and roasted chickpeas - in between refereeing kids and meeting an afternoon deadline.  

To further top off National Egg Day, we’ve finally got a little more insight thanks to a recently published study which suggests that regular egg consumption does NOT increase cardiovascular risk – even for those at higher risk for or diagnosed with heart disease.  

Eating an egg a day has been a part of healthy eating guidelines for most. However, some concern still existed surrounding egg consumption if a person was at higher risk for cardiovascular diseases. But these new findings that looked at individuals at higher risk for developing cardiovascular issues, found that weekly egg frequency – whether that’s two eggs to a dozen – makes no difference!

Now you have even more reason to pull out that Instant Pot, plan “breakfast-for-dinner” one night this week, or just appreciate the egg a little more!

If you are an Instant Pot lover like me, you may also want to try Si's new Instant Pot Cookbook.  Her recipes are always phenomenal, so I am sure you'll fine one or two (or ten!) that you'll love!

Do you have an Instant Pot?  

What are your favorite recipes?!  Please share!