How I Stopped My Kids' Dinner Complaints


There’s no way to sugar-coat it: the dinner hour is a test of parenting strength. For those who were as naïve as I was and thought it stopped after the toddler years, it doesn’t! It actually gets more challenging.  In fact, those days where I picked up a thrown sippy cup 50 times in a row sometimes sound really good!

Granted, I love that I’m starting to be able to have real conversations about things with my kids as they’re getting older (M’s going into 6th grade and G into 2nd grad this year), but this also means they now have opinions that they’re able to voice and to use to push your buttons. Tired of being frustrated and dreading the dinner hour, I decided to step up my game - with some parenting mind games of my own, of course!

What Worked for Us

I tried this tactic out of exasperation not expecting much – or at least anything long-term. Surprisingly, this simple trick has completely shifted the dinner dynamic at our house! See what works for us in my recent feature with Cooking Light : This Trick Stopped My Kids' Dinner Complaints. Let me know what you think!

Have you found something similar that works for your family?