10 Snacks That Reduce Water Retention and Bloating


Trying to get back on track after traveling or overindulging? It’s not unusual to feel a little puffy or your pants feel a little snug thanks to bloating or water retention. No matter if it’s due to eating higher-sodium foods, foods your GI tract isn’t used to, or drinking too much alcohol, these lingering effects are annoying even though temporary. 

While I’m not claiming these snacks as instant - or always effective - cures, these foods and tips can sometimes help get your body back to feeling like itself a little quicker. Who doesn't want that?! 

For a snack breakdown, find my recent feature with Cooking Light here: 10 Nutritionist-Approved Snacks That Reduce Bloating and Water Retention

What do you eat to help get your gut back on track after travel?

What is you go-to post-overindulgence fix?!