Mini Peps Pita Chips

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It's only a few weeks into the school year, and I am already looking for unique ideas to spruce up my kids' lunchbox. I am a big advocate of letting my children pack their own lunch, so I made these as an after school snack one day to show them how simple they are to put together. If your kids are a big fan of hummus, then y'all are going to love this quick assembly lunchbox idea! 


All you need are a bag of Mini Peps bell peppers, your favorite hummus and a few sides to make this a well-balanced lunch. Wash, slice and stuff bell peppers with hummus. (We also like to sprinkle them with a little bit of chopped cilantro!)

These Mini Peps Pita Chips are slowly becoming a regular in the morning as the kids cross off a veggie and protein requirement for their lunchbox. Add a starch (chips), dairy (cheese) and fruit (apple), and you've got yourself a perfect lunch! EXTRA BONUS: I make me a to-go container full of them too! I love to snack on these mid-day! Enjoy!

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