Pickled Onions

Y’all, I don’t pickle, can or preserve much of anything. In fact, I can verify that this is my first, and I think it probably goes back to my lack of patience (the same reason I don’t love or really excel at yeast breads and delicate baked goods).  I prefer constant motion – chop, sauté, puree, roast - and then, voila!, instant gratification because the dish is ready. At least I recognize my weaknesses, right?!? 

So how did I end up becoming literally obsessed with these pickled red onions? 

I had the opportunity to spend a few days at Tulane’s Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine back in March to learn about cooking lamb and how it’s a great protein to incorporate into a healthy diet. While creating a recipe for lamb tacos in their test kitchen, Head Chef Leah Sarris showed us this quick pickled onion trick where you bring water, vinegar, salt and sugar to a boil, and then soak fresh onion slices for 30 minutes before draining. 

Even when I learned this quick 30-minute pickling trick (that shaves days off traditional pickling), I still wasn’t sure I would still make them…UNTIL I added them to those lamb tacos with a sprinkle of queso fresco and chopped cilantro. Y'all. It made those tacos so much better! I just had to spread the word! 

Sorry if I over-shared my “cooking issues” but I just wanted to illustrate that if I am pickling a vegetable, then you know it’s got to be super easy and delicious!  

Hello, World!

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Pickled Onions

These picked onions are a perfect addition to tacos or salad greens!


  • 1 large red onion, halved or quartered, then sliced into thin strips

  • 1 cup vinegar

  • 1 cup water

  • ¼ cup sugar

  • 1 tablespoon salt


  1. Bring water and vinegar to a boil. Add sugar and salt, stirring over heat until dissolved. Pour over onions and let sit for 30 minutes. Drain or refrigerate in liquid, draining before serving. NOTE: This method also works well with radishes and beets.