What Happens If You Eat Too Much Protein?

WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU EAT TOO MUCH PROTEIN? Well, turns out it's not exactly what I thought!

Let's be honest - most don't read research studies for fun (which includes me… most of the time!).  BUT, that is a large part of the reason I love writing for media. It forces me to dive head first into the latest thinking and research because there's no way I'm putting my name on a national publication without feeling like I'm truly knowledgable on the subject and up-to-date on research. It also makes me realize that science evolves (REALITY CHECK: I got my undergrad 22 YEARS ago!!) and that it's super-easy to go along with the mainstream consensus (even though I know better and to always check things out). So, what happens if you eat too much protein? Is it even possible?

My latest article "WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU EAT TOO MUCH PROTEIN?" for Cooking Light is a perfect example of why I ALWAYS do more research than is really necessary because the effects of high protein intakes were actually a little different than what I thought! Check it out in the link above!

What are you favorite sources of protein?