Are Bagged Salads Healthy?

They’re such weekly staples that they usually don’t even make my list. I’m talking about those bags of prepped lettuces and leafy greens from baby spinach to arugula to chopped salad kits. 

At least two to four are in my cart each week, and I’m hooked on the convenience! But is there a downside to bagged salads? Are we missing out on nutrients or putting ourselves at greater risk for bacteria contamination? 

I know, nothing I REALLY wanted to know now.  But I’d pitched the story because I have wondered… So, with a looming deadline, I dove in!

Head over to my recent article for Cooking Light: ARE BAGGED SALADS HEALTHY? OUR NUTRITIONIST WEIGHS IN. I’m comparing bagged greens and how to get the most out of them! Let me know what you think!

Are bagged salads a staple in your house too?