Circadian Rhythm Diets: Are Meal Times More Important Than What’s on the Plate?

Are you a morning person or a night owl?  

I’m 110% a morning person - up by 5am or before most days and fighting not to put pjs on before 7pm. But I feel a little silly, self-indulgent, and senior citizen-ISH at times listening to my body’s clock to go to bed early. 

But the book The Circadian Code is helping me to justify my early bedtime. It suggests that following your body’s internal clock isn’t just about getting quality sleep and being productive, but also a key factor in determining your long-term health, body weight, and disease risk. 

The book also takes following the body’s clock and meal times a step further - suggesting that WHEN you eat is actually just as important (maybe even more so) than WHAT you eat. 

So what does it mean to follow your body’s clock? What are circadian rhythm diets all about and is there research to back them up?  Find out all you need to know in my latest article for Cooking Light: WHAT ARE CIRCADIAN RYTHYM DIETS—AND CAN THEY HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT?

Have you found some truth to this in your life?

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