12 Easy Ways to Reduce Inflammation Overnight


Want to improve your health (or maybe even slow aging!)  - overnight? 

I’ve got a few small changes to start just that!

Once again, it all goes back to CHRONIC INFLAMMATION, a topic that seems to be popping up EVERYwhere lately. But unlike some other health trends, reducing inflammation has got plenty of science to back up the hype. Research suggests that reducing inflammation in the body (often that you don’t even know about or feel) is the key to staying healthy and slowing down the aging process, as well as reducing your risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune diseases, joint pain, and cancer.

The good news? 

You don’t have to wait months to see results! Small changes you make today can start reducing your inflammation overnight. 

Check out 12 EASY WAYS TO REDUCE INFLAMMATION OVERNIGHT that I wrote for Cooking Light. 

Are you already doing some of these?

Let me know if so, and let me know if you’ve incorporated other things into your lifestyle to help reduce inflammation as well.

⁠Speaking of inflammation…

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