How to Get More Out of Your Produce -- from Root to Stem!


When it comes to produce, we all seem to look for different qualities -- locally-grown, ripe, almost-ripe, organic, ugly, on sale.  No matter what attributes you’re looking for in your produce, most of us have pretty high standards. This seems completely rational, considering this purchase affects our health and bank account. But what doesn’t make sense is that food waste statistics suggest we throw away 50 percent of produce purchased!

While spoilage can play a factor, a large portion of discarded produce is trimmed stalks, seeds, rinds, peels and leaves. What most don’t know is that these parts are usually edible, nutrient-packed and delicious when prepared correctly.

Click here to see my feature with Cooking Light where I share how to “upcycle” these trimmings using thirteen easy ways including pulp, peels, seeds and even stalks.  I'll help you get the most out of your produce -- from root to stem!