Six Labor Day Treats You Don't Want to Miss


Labor Day marks the start of Fall on in my mind and on the calendar but definitely not temperature-wise when you live in the South. So if you’re thinking it’s too late for frozen treats, think again! These treats are perfect for September to satisfy your sweet tooth and to keep you cool during those first few weeks of school - parents and kids!

Also, since I’ve had several ask, I’m sharing my favorite popsicle mold. I've found that there's a big difference in how well they work, and this is one of the best that I use (Find my popsicle mold here: Onyx Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold. ). It is pricier than the bright-colored plastic ones, but should last for years - not just 1/2 a summer like some of my previous plastic molds! This is not an affiliated link — I’m not getting any perks by sharing it, just wanted to point you in the right direction if you’re deciding to try homemade pops for the first time!

Like these treats? Let me know what you think by sharing your final product on social media! Be sure to tag me : Instagram @realfoodreallife_rd / Facebook @Real Food. Real Life. - Carolyn Williams, PHD, RD. Stay tuned for more recipes to come!

Dole Whip Popsicles

Are you a fan of Disney's Dole Whips? This is my copycat version that is naturally sweetened and has only three ingredients! SO simple, and SO delicious!

Dairy-Free Fudgesicles

Fudgesicles have been a favorite of mine since childhood, so I decided to play around in the kitchen to give these chocolatey treats a dairy-free twist that’s just as creamy. You’ve got to try them!

Lemon Sorbet

Lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange - I'm a sucker for all things citrus, so I couldn't resist to adding a Lemon Sorbet to the list!

Strawberry Wine Sorbet

This "grown-up" treat is perfect to serve at your next get together but also easy enough to make on a weeknight. Fresh strawberries give it a sweet foundation, yet the white wine and lime juice enhance the sorbet and ensure the final product doesn't turn out too sweet. 

Want to make this strawberry sorbet kid-friendly? Just sub the wine for white grape juice and you have a treat the entire family can enjoy!

Dairy-Free Cold Brew Kahlua Popsicles

Thanks to these creamy treats the Alabama heat and humidity (and PTA meetings) seem much more manageable! The overall alcohol content is very minimal. With so little alcohol, I felt okay letting my kids try, but neither are crazy about the coffee flavor. That’s fine with me though since that means more popsicle for my friends and me!

Mango Sorbet

Take this tasty fruit and add honey and a hint of lemon juice, toss in a blender, puree and freeze, and you have yourself a healthy and delightful treat.

What are some of your summer treats to help you beat the heat?

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